RNA expression-based Anti-symmetrical Pairing Tool for On-demand Response using Artificial Intelligence

RAPTOR AI™ is transcriptome-based disease and drug screening platform.

  • ReDRUG algorithm

    Restoration using DRug for targeting Unbalanced Gene

    Prediction of effect complementation (anti-symmetricity) of drug and disease using transcriptome

  • Database

    Database with hundreds of disease cohorts and tens of thousands of chemical data

  • ONCO 3D scoring system

    Accurate gene expression alteration scoring system for drug or disease, using various metrics

  • Drug-disease comparison

    Scoring anti-symmetricity of diseases and drugs using various algorithms, and integrating them to search optimal disease or drug.

  • Cell-tissue similarity-based fine-tuning

    Scoring anti-symmetricity with integrating various cell line-based experimental results via cell-tissue similarity. Cell-tissue similarity-based integration method is necessary for accurate prediction, as drug effect data are derived by cell line and disease effect data are from human tissue.

  • Combinatorial drug screening

    Prediction of the best synergetic effect of two drugs and searching the optimal combinatorial ratio.


  • Matched diseases for a drug
  • Matched drugs for a disease
  • Matched combinatorial drugs for a drug against a disease


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