Oncological RAPTOR AI

ONCO-RAPTOR AI™ is transcriptome-based model to predict cancer indications and companion diagnostic biomarkers for anti-cancer drugs.

  • ReDRUG algorithm

    Restoration using DRug for targeting Unbalanced Gene

    Prediction of effect complementation (anti-symmetricity) of drug and cancer using transcriptome.

  • Prognosis Scoring

    Scoring relationship between gene expression and prognosis by cancer type.

  • Companion diagnostic biomarker

    Mining diagnostic prognostic biomarkers for distinguishing drug-reactive and non-reactive cancer type, and increasing success rate for clinical trials.


  • Matched cancer indications for drug candidate
  • Companion diagnostic biomarkers by cancer type


Oncocross AI platform identifies the optimal disease indications and drugs.

Oncocross presents a new paradigm for
AI drug development

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