Oncocross is innovating the drug development process through its unique AI approach.

We Make Drugs Work

Based on gene expression pattern analysis, our innovative AI platform identifies the optimal indications
of new drug candidates in the area of cancer, rare diseases, and intractable diseases.
Our high accuracy allows a rapid entry into clinical trial, thereby reducing the risk of clinical failure.

Oncocross’s AI-driven treatment makes sure that no patients are left behind.

Our AI platform identifies the optimal indications for new drugs under development. We identify the optimal cancer types for new anti-cancer drugs under development, leading to reduced risk of failure associated with drug development.

Oncocross is developing treatments for cancers, rare diseases, and intractable diseases, thereby contributing to a healthier world.

Unrivaled Database Quality

Our analysis is based on 100,000+ patients, 235,000+ drugs, 410+ diseases medically curated transcriptome data.

Maximize the Value of a New Drug

We maximize the value of a new drug by identifying additional indications.

Fast Entry into Clinical Trials

We shorten the development time by identifying candidate drugs for any given disease.

High Success Rate of Clinical Trials

We identify the optimal indications by analyzing drug and disease expression data.

Oncocross presents a new paradigm for
AI drug development

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