ONCOfind AI™

ONCOfind AI™ is a model to predict primary tumor site for Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (CUP).

  • Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)

    CUP is metastasized cancer with unknown primary site. Prediction of primary site of CUP is critically related to prognosis, as anti-cancer therapeutics depend on the primary site.

  • Cancer type-specific genes and accuracy

    By analyzing 450 clinical research data on gene expression patterns by specific cancer type, we were able to find siginificant differentially expressed genes(DEGs) by each cancer type. Based on DEG analysis by cancer type, more than 1,000 cancer type-specific genes were selected and a model was developed to predict primary cancer type. Accuracy was shown as 95% or more in the validaton set of the model development data, and 92% or more based on external validation data of metastasis tissues.


  • Prediction results for primary cancer site


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