Oncocross is an Artificial Intelligence-based pharmaceutical company

specializing in drug discovery/cancer drug development.

We can find most adequate indication of specific drugs and best partner drugs.

ONCO AI platform allows patients to receive the best care and

precision medicine, and pharmaceutical companies to increase the success rate of

drug development at low cost and less time.


Material IP (+)

Material IP (-)

  • Extended profile

    Find novel indication of drugs
    undergoing phase Ⅱ or Ⅲ study

  • Cancer

    Find appropriate cancer
    and best biomarker
    for specific anti-cancer drug

  • Rescue drug

    Find novel indication of drugs
    that pass the phaseⅠclinical study
    but fail the phase Ⅱ or Ⅲ study


    Find optimal indication of new
    chemical compounds of pharmaceutical
    company or research institute

  • IMD

    Make combination drug by screening
    best partner drugs which can induce
    synergic effect with previously used drugs

  • Intractable and
    Orphan disease drug

    In-house pipeline (sarcopenia drug,
    anti-metastasis drug, liver cirrhosis drug,
    irritable bowel syndrome drug, ALS, DMD)


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  • FAX : +82-2-867-9968 IE-MAIL :